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Updated: Sep 16, 2022

Thanks to our partners at Detroit Thermal Systems and other donors we were able to supply approximately 60 children with school supplies yesterday.

Jawara's Gift is a 501c3 organization whose mission is to supply emergent hardship grants of goods and/or services to metro Detroit residents.


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This year we had the pleasure of meeting Shenita Miller. Just like some of us, we've had our hardships and she was in the same boat.

She applied for assistance and told us her story. We were heartbroken as she experienced trial after trial when it came to her transportation. Being a mother, who attempted to do everything herself, she needed a little push. Something to help her make ends meet.

Through the donations of our givers, we were able to bless her with a VEHICLE!!! WE are so excited for her and glad we were able to be a blessing to her!

Her Response:

"Sometimes we go thru trials of faith and we don’t understand it all .. all I can say is keep the faith hold on and believe and God will not fail! This is another blessing that God has given to me .. a car with no car note .. that was given to me thru Jawara’s Gift! Thank you Jesus for loving me! #MiraclesSignsAndWonders #blessedandgrateful"

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