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Niambi Freeman is the founder and executive director for Jawara's Gift. Most people recognize her accomplishments as a local playwright and filmmaker but few know her heart and passion for people. 


Niambi's prayer has always been to be the vehicle that God's uses to bless his people. Jawara's Gift is now that vehicle. Born out of the tragic and unexpected loss of her husband in November 2019, Niambi was desperate to find the perfect way to honor his amazing memory. Always referring to him as God's perfect gift to her, it was no shock where the corporation received it's name from.


The vision for Jawara's Gift comes from one of Niambi's fondest memories of her husband. One day Niambi broke her eyeglasses; without them she could not work, drive or assist her children. She was temporarily paralyzed. Although her need was not a permanent one, it was still emergent enough to cause a temporary hardship especially with no savings and between paydays of her and her husband. Suddenly, Jawara jumped up with an idea. He purchased crazy glue and literally held the two ends of Niambi's glasses together for hours until the glue set, solving the emergent situation.  



One time grants

What sets Jawara's Gift apart from other government agencies is the income requirement. The median income is $44000 for a family of four which means for individuals who make over that threshold there are limited to no services available to in the Metro Detroit area. Jawara's Gift seeks to bridge that gap because emergent needs doesn't care about income.


Jawara's Gift does not have an income requirement. We provide one time grants of up to $1000 of goods or services to residents in the metro Detroit area. 


Examples of goods and services:

Purchase of medication and medical supplies

Replacement of Stoves and Refrigerators

Payment of utilities in shut off statues 

After power outage replacement of groceries

Purchase of a vehicle

Appliance Repair

Meet The Team


Chanda Washington

God Called CEO of the Self-Lover Collective, wife, mother and author. She does not follow any one system. But selects and uses what are considered the best elements of all systems... she is ChayilChanda.


Tiffany Elder

Tiffany is passionate mentor and consultant to aspiring entrepreneurs. Tiffany is the owner and founder of three successful small businesses: Aisha Tiffany Skin Studios (Beauty Services),  ICON by Aisha Tiffany (Jewelry, Makeup, and Bling Tees) and Kingdom Culture Consulting.  


Latresa Rice

Latresa Rice is a mindset coach, esteemed author, licensed master social worker and motivational speaker. In 2009, she established “It’s Time Enterprises”- a motivational speaking company dedicated to empowering others to overcome the barriers they face in life and possess their dreams.


Chandra Freeman Burton

Mrs. Chandra Burton, wife, mother, and owner of Chandra's Sweet Creations which was birthed from a love of baking. Chandra's Sweet Creations is home based where everything is baked with love. In short, she's a lady who loves her family, loves to bake and enjoys a peaceful day near the water.


Yolanda Earl-Thompson

Yolonda enjoys using her interpersonal communication skills to create successful outcomes for families and their communities. With over 20 years of experience, she has evinced ability to strengthen communities socially, emotionally, economically, and academically. In 2019, she was recognized by Fairfax County’s Neighborhood Community Services for her community efforts.


Niambi Freeman

Niambi Freeman is the founder and executive director for Jawara's Gift. Most people recognize her accomplishments as a local playwright and filmmaker but few know her heart and passion for people. 


Jawara Freeman

Organization was created in the name and memory of Mr. Jawara Freeman who was known for his unconditional love and outpour of gifts for his family, friends, and anyone in need. 

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